The Hathaways #1 : Mine Till Midnight

The Hathaways just inherited a title and a fortune. They have automatically become Aristocrats. Growing up with humble backgrounds, it’s anyone’s guess how the family would react to this change. Unfortunately, the inheritance can only be controlled by the male member of the family, her brother Leo, who is quickly running the family into debt. Leo drinks, gambles and spends all their money on whores. Amelia is the eldest daughter and she fears for their future. Without a dowry or parents, what will befall her and her sisters if Leo finally sells the house? How will they survive being homeless and stuck in prison for the debts they owe? Life is not kind to single women, and their future is bleak.

Miss Amelia Hathaway goes to a gambling home to find her brother and bring him home. Being seen there would ruin her chances of marriage forever since no respectable woman wants to be found in such a place (Only in historical novels is a lady’s reputation so important. Gosh! That society was so pretentious!!). There she meets Cam Rohan, background unknown, powerful and rich, tall and extremely handsome (bring out the fans ladies because the room is about to get hot.). Cam is the owner of the disreputable institution she visited, yet he is accepted in their society because of his wealth, the debts the other aristocrats owe him and his knowledge of their secrets.
Can Cam save her family? Will he? 

Enjoy the first book of a lovely series. It will reel you in like a fish to a bait and keep you hungry for more of Lisa Kleypas books. Find romance with a hint of suspense and history

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