Today is the first self isolation Saturday that I experienced. Saturday used to be my favorite day of the weekend, usually characterized by longer hours of sleep, more time spent with my family and friends, a wedding or an outing (we could go to the movies or hang out in a restaurant or bar), Exotic meals ( because I have more time to cook exactly what I want to eat). I am sad to tell you that, this Saturday was the definition of BOREDOM.  Let me tell you why.


The joy of sleeping late was ruined by the last two days of sleeping late. I have been a member of the work force for almost a decade, working from Monday to Friday. It is my usual practice to wake up by 5.00 am in the morning and begin my day. Saturday is usually the first day after five hectic days of working in the office and I treat myself to more hours of morning sleep. However, the isolation has created a situation where I get to sleep all the time. Now, my extra hours of sleep is no longer special. So sad!


The joy of spending more time with my family and friends have also been ruined in the same way. Going to a wedding, restaurant or a bar?  IMPOSSIBLE! …with self isolation. So I decided in the spirit of the season to change the way I create entertainment. I got on a video call with my friends and we watched a movie together. It was fun. One of the few highlights of my day ( I miss human contact).


I am glad I still had  the ability to spend time cooking exotic dishes for myself; excess time was the order of the day. Imagine me baking so many treats for myself, that I was scared of getting fat during this period. The solution? Work out time. I decided to use the furniture in my house as an obstacle course, then I jugged all around it. It was slightly fun.


I found myself washing clean cloths and plates, sweeping a house that has no sand (where did the sand come from, I have been at home) and cooking meals that I cannot finish eating ( please help me beg BEDC to continue giving us light, else I’m going to be in trouble).  I felt the hours slowly passing by, seconds to minutes, minutes to hours. Then I said to myself, I cannot continue my life like this. Tomorrow, I am making an elaborate schedule to ensure that I am no longer bored.


Do you have any ideas for me, send your thoughts to me via whatsapp, facebook or twitter or preferably, drop a comment below.


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  1. I have an idea…
    -Start reading books… maybe storybooks… read a chaper a day
    -Buy a musical instrument you love to but cannot play and learn how to play it
    -Buy a newspaper, start circling all the As, Bs or Cs that appears on it😂 ( you will probably disown me for the last one)

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