Best Paranormal Novel Review: Day One

Hello Everyone, After a month bidding, the paranormal novel fans won. Congrats to you all. This week, I will introduce you to the best mind blowing paranormal novels available. If you have read the book, Share your opinion of it. If not, it’s time to run to the stores. I’m also seeking new converts so although this might not be your genre, it’s always nice to try something new.

The Psy/Changeling Series

Taking first position on our paranormal review list for its ability to keep you glued to your book is the Psy/Channelling series. This is a twenty series novel( excluding the short stories). This series, if it was made into a movie, would surpass the “Vampire Diaries” on screen today. I am blowing its trumpet, not because it gets better with every book, but because it stays the same. The first book was a hundred percent perfections and so are the rest. You can read this book in any other but it’s better to read it in the order it was written.

Nalini Singh creates a world with three races. The first race, the Phy are creatures of the mind. With bodies as vulnerable as any humans, the Phy have wondrous gifts like telepathy, telekinetic, healing, empathy, psychometric and foresight. Yet their gift comes at a price, the Phy are prone to insanity and murder. Phy Serial killers litter the history of their race. To combat this tendency, the Phy chose to give up their emotions. They called this Silence. This novel begins 100 years after silence. The Phy are cold detached being, allowed no other emotion but the desire for power. The strongest amongst them are the cardinals, identified by distinct eyes coloured like the night sky. The next race is the Changeling. These are usually known as “weres” in paranormal novels. The predatory Changelings control territories and usually keep to their own kind. The major group’s here are the felines, the wolves, the sea creatures, the birds and the rats. The rats are important because they have the best spy network. The Changelings are few because of the high number of deaths that occurred during the territorial wars. Their shields are strong, so it is difficult for a Phy to read their minds. They are strong and fast. The Phy view them as they would an animal, disregard this race. With the territorial wars behind them, they are increasing in strength. The third race is the human race (I don’t want to be human if paranormals exist). They are numerous, physically weak, mentally susceptible to mental attack from the Phy. This has greatly affected them financially because the Phy usually steal technological knowledge from their minds. Don’t write off the human race so soon because they have developed a chip that protects their mind from Phy attack. Will it work or would the chip be a cancer that kills them from within?

The first book “Slave to Sensation” tells the story of Sasha Duncan, a cardinal Phy empath. In a world that abhors emotions, Sasha only power is the power over emotions. A hundred years ago, at the beginning of Silence, all documents about empaths were destroyed, therefore, Sasha has no knowledge of the use of her powers and must continuously pretend to feel no emotion or risk death. Lucas Hunter is an alpha Changeling on the hunt for the killer of his pack mate, and he suspects the Phy. So the story begins…
Have you read any book from this series? if the answer is positive then tell us about it. If you have not read any book from this series, well!!! Get reading. Wishing you a nice fun filled ‘nose glued to your book’ hours ahead.

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