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The True Meaning of NO

Its common for men to assume that a woman meant yes when she said no, especially when her denial is not in consonant with his intention. He might think she simply requires persistence. Test the true meaning of her words using the “to do or not to do theory.” This required you to be extremely sensitive to her body language immediately….

When you are ‘The other woman’?

If you are the other woman, you know about the existence of his ‘number one’ and she does not know about your existence. Therefore, you must share his attention with her and bow to her superior need for attention.

Girl meets Guy Series: Thoughts from her Mind.

Have you ever wondered what went through her mind when you first spoke. What impressed her or why did she say no.

The Problems of Denial

Have you ever been in a relationship, and it feels as if you cannot connect with your partner? Have you blamed a partner for an offence that you feel he/she might commit in the future? The problem might just be with you and your past experience. Find out how denials can ruin your relationships?

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