Write that Will

why my next of kin could not inherit

There are three facts of life that can never change; first we were born, then we breathe oxygen to live and afterwards, we die!

The irony of our society is that we have so many religions that preach the need to live a good life so that we will be accepted into the bosom of our Lord, yet we all don’t want to discuss our lives and the implication of our death on our loved ones.

Many families are torn apart because a loved one failed to settle his or her affairs before death. Sadly, the death of some loved ones throw the family into unhealthy rivalry as they struggle to claim whatever the dead person left behind. Interestingly, a plethora of cases abound in the courts of families fighting each other, for the wealth of the deceased (both nuclear and extended family). Mothers are pitched against children, brothers against sisters, all casualties of the war of property. If only we could come back from the dead, a month after our demise and see the catastrophe that exist in our wake.

In countries like USA, people make arrangements even for their funerals, while they are a life. Unfortunately, we are scared to make a Will to determine who gets what, when we pass to the great beyond.

I think every body should spend a few minutes ensuring that their loved ones are protected in their life as well as in death for death cometh when we are least expect it.

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