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Why Suicide is Rampant in Nigeria

The suicide rate in Nigeria is on the increase. Some might relate this to the high rate of unemployment, or if employed, then the hidden slavery in employment. Others might claim that this is caused by the change in values of the people, especially since the increase is more noticeable in the youths. Some others might claim it is a symptom of the decline in religious morals. What do you thing? 

Although I agree with their opinions, I can’t help but notice that there are countries who are in worse situations than we are, both morally, religiously and in social or political crisis. One begins to wonder if maybe what makes our situation very unique isn’t the various crisis that we have but a combination of all these issues.

Countries like Iran, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen are fraught with war and its resulting issue; while people are dying like flies in Afghanistan. Some would say that these people have a right to suicide, and we don’t have any reason to contemplate this act in Nigeria, but yet frustration can be a motivating factor.

Negative Energy can Blot Out the Light

Frustration to a Nigerian youth is spending six years at home looking for a job while your first class degree gathers dust, or passing the time acquiring further degrees like a master or PhD when your first degree has not even earned the cost of a day’s meal. 

Frustration is being 34 years old and still too poor to marry a wife, not because you are a lazy Nigerian youth, but because economical traumas have forced you to accept a job, where you work 15 hours a day and yet you have not earned the cost of acquiring your degree.

Frustration is worrying about where to place your head or where your next meal would come from while attempting to read and get good grades. Frustration is efforts and hard work spent on unrealised dreams. Frustration is fast becoming the bed mate of most Nigerian youths.

The result of frustration is gleamed from people’s reaction to their plight; some are passive and accepting with phrases like ‘I am looking up to God.’ Others are aggressive and demanding, hence they either succeed, fall into violent inclinations or the life of crime. Their counterparts on the other extreme simply give up on life; they take the easy way out, hence the increase in suicide rate.

Its not a surprise that this problem is rampant, or that crime rate is on the increase. These are all products of the symptoms earlier mentioned. 

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