Why Spousal Murder is Trending in Nigeria?

There is a growing trend of spousal killing in the country. A 26 year old man slaughtered his 17 year old wife in Kano State on April 2nd 2019. The command’s Public Relations Officer, DSP Abdullahi Haruna, reported that there was an argument between the couple and the man, while held in the grips of anger, killed his wife with a knife. I know some of you are thinking “They are young. The man has not attained the emotional maturity needed for marriage”. Well, let me debunk that theory.

Bokki, Jigawa State, Shuaibu Haro(30 years old) killed his wife Shaura (20 years old) with a hoe while they were having an argument. Peter Nelson (53 years old) kills his wife and child. Lekan Shonde a depot worker in Apapa, Lagos State killed his wife Ronke and the list continues. Young and old, poor and rich, Spousal killing is real and is an offshoot of spousal violence.
Little acts of violence become habitual oppression. The excuse “I just slapped her once” or “I need to discipline her” or “she is misbehaving” are just common excuses rendered in lieu of abuse. The phase “Charity begins at home” cannot hold more truth. How else will we explain the violence in our society and the inability to resolve conflict through dialogue? When a child grows up surrounded by violence, he learns to react to conflict with violence. Whether it’s in school, on the street or in their place of work.

The Effect
Car accident scene: Insults and fights are more likely to occur at these scenes because Nigerians lack the ability to dialogue.
Office Arguments: Nigerian legislatures fighting within the legislative house.
I think the only way to reduce this trend is to kill the problem at the root. Spouses have to learn to dialogue. Violence in any way cannot be the answer to dispute.

  1. I think the problem stems from failure of our family system. The harsh economic situation in the country has driven many parents to work, leaving the maids to raise the children. The consequence is that these chidren lack home training. Moreover, our society is moving from the traditional ways (where any adult can correct a child that is doing the wrong thing) to the western ways (where everyone is expected to mind their own business)…..as a result, children behave anyhow, even in the presence of adults. These children grow into adults, get married and you suddenly expect them to behave well???

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