Voting Selfishly is Good for the Economy

I don’t know how many of you have ever been in a gathering of strangers discussing politics. People are in the habit of concentrating on the past affiliations or connections of candidates without regards to their character, attitude or capacity. Even when they take the character, attitude and capacity of their leaders into consideration, they forget to ask the most important question that every economy strives on. The question simply is “What can this leader do for me?

It is ironical that in Nigeria, this salient question is asked by the political influencers and never by the general masses. At this point, I want us to go on a journey of self-reflection. I will create a scenario to you and you can examine yourself and decide how many times you have been a participant to a similar

‘There is a man called Okon, Okon is a political aspirant. However, He needs to gather the support of the people. So he holds strategic meeting with the political influencers, Michael, Jude and Hakim and makes promises to them on what he will do for them in return for the votes they can get from people on his behalf. Other candidates also hold strategic meetings with these same political influencers. Michael, Jude and Hakim give their support to Okon because he offered them the most benefit. They, on their part, discuss with their constituents and convince them that Okon is the best man for the Job. They become the mouth piece of Okon and also make their followers his mouthpiece. Okon is elected into the position he seeks. In Nigeria, You are either an Okon, his rivals, a political influencer or the constituents. Most of us are the Constituents, but the first rule of Voting Selfishly states that “My vote will only be exercised by me for the benefits that I shall receive”. Selfish voting promotes the constituents to the revered position of a political influencer.

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