Tax The Phone Calls, Tax The Callers! – Sen. Ali Ndume

I am a typical Nigerian so I have grown to expect anything from our leaders. Unlike most Nigerians, I am hardly amused neither do I get surprised at the actions and inactions of those that have chosen themselves to forever lead an army of docile Nigerians till thy saviour comes to our aid as it is obvious Nigerians are incapable of helping Nigeria.

While we have in the past helplessly watched our leaders introduce obnoxious, vexatious, outdated and ill-fated laws to govern us, quite recently, the todays’ – men have raised the bar a little bit higher. They have become indefatigably energetic in introducing new laws and schemes to make the average Nigerian poorer all in a bid to enjoy the spoils they have assigned to themselves at our expense. Despite our ugly situation, we are being made to cough out more monies all in guise of taxations. VAT has been increased even though the number of good roads have decreased. Electricity supply has dropped even though the tariff has multiplied. Cost of goods seem to be on a steady exponential increase while the value of money rapidly reduces but these are not enough problems for Nigerians – not according to Sen. Ali Ndume. So long as the night breaks into dawn, Nigerians should suffer more, Sen. Ali Ndume thinks as he advocates that phone users be made to pay tax for making phone calls! Ali says Nigerians should pay more for phone calls simply because we can afford to purchase airtime.

Quoting Ali, “you want to talk and pay for it of course, but right now, none of you will say that this is how much you are paying for your telephone. The only thing is that if they say one minute remaining, you start looking for another recharge card to put, you want to talk. So if you are taxed on that you will not say you will not talk again”. There! You heard the man! You should pay more for making phone calls!

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