I am slowly beginning to understand why the greatest philosophers died a long time ago. Philosophizing require peace, quiet and deep thoughts, that are almost impossible in today’s society. We live the fast life, with our technology and our social platforms; we are connected to the world even when we are alone. However, isolation has greatly reduced the distractions in our life. Hence, I discovered my untapped ability to meditate.


I started thinking about this virus and the so called conspiracy theories flying around, especially that about Bill Gates. After much thought, I realized that many people would agree with the logic of his sophisticated thought process which is probably due to his involvement in research into infectious diseases. Anybody, who observed the SARS and MERS outbreak, would realize that viruses can mutate and become more deadly.


It might interest many to know that one Nigerian professor, in his inaugural lecture 22 years ago, foresaw our current situation. This erudite University teacher and former vice chancellor of Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma, Professor D. E. Agbonlahor, advised the Nigerian government on the urgent need for the provision of good affordable healthcare. He insisted that our survival might depend on this in the event of the emergence of a new deadly super virus. Enunciating on the possibility of a virus developing the ability to spread easily (like Covid-19) he said “ what will happen to all of us if suddenly mosquitoes now develop the ability to spread HIV/AIDS. I think it is imperative for all to read this inaugural lecture titled, ‘Mankind Exploited, Microbes Revolted and their Maker Intervened’.


Thinking of HIV/AIDS, led my thought to many other illnesses with a very high mortality rate. Covid-19, with all its notoriety, has a mortality rate of barely 5% (Children, elderly, and the vulnerable population inclusive) as at April 4, 2020. Now, imagine another virus in the future, that spreads as fast as Covid-19 but has a mortality rate of over 50%. Now that would make the world tremble!



Our forefathers used to fear diseases caused by bacteria like Cholera, Tuberculosis e.t.c. yet today, we treat such ailments like they are unimportant. Imagine how future generations, will perceive us, and our fear of viruses…….although they will probably have their own micro organisms to deal with.


In the end there is nothing new under the sun. If we are so scared of a little micro organism getting into our body and destroying it, imagine how mother earth feels about our activities and our carbon foot print. Just like we take drugs to cure our ailments, in a twisted way Covid -19 is a pill that mother nature has swallowed and this has helped reduce our ‘infectious’ carbon footprint.

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