I have been hoping nobody would ask me about my novel writing saga. However, my social media platforms kept buzzing with messages inquiring into the progress of my write up. To everyone I ignored, I say ‘Sorry’. However, in my defense, I felt like a little child avoiding her mother for the day in the hope that she would not ask whether she has completed her class assignment. Like that child, I got nothing done ……I’m so embarrassed. I lost my muse. I sat down in front of the system and could not write anything. My brain was like a blank slate and my creative juices ran dry. I decided to try another challenge suggested by my friend Dennis.

Dennis was of the opinion that I should learn a language. Learning languages is the most difficult thing that someone can suggest I do………it is my Achilles hill.  I remembered I once took French classes during my holidays in Secondary School.  It was not a pleasant experience. However, for want of something to do, I decided revisit my French.  I also visited my Netflix account and watched some movies. I began with the movies that I refer to as the Classics, because I have watched them so many times and still derive pleasure from them. They include “Columbiana” “Count of Monte Christo” “the Tudors” and “Lord of the ring”. Now I know the Game of Thrones fans would be angry with me for not showing the appropriate respect to the movie. Don’t blame me, my love for that movie was ruined by the seasons 7 and 8. Those seasons were, in my opinion, half hazard and thoughtlessly executed. I don’t know how many people watched the seasonal movie “The gate” which ended in part one because the producers could not continue the story line. This would have been a better fate for Game of Thrones……just forget the movie at that point if you don’t know what to do with the story line. Series like “Prison Break” and ‘legend of the Seeker” were similarly ruined for me because the producers could not make the subsequent seasons better than the original season.

I slept late after watching my movies but I have to admit, it was fun to sit down on my couch, with a bowl of self-made popcorn and watch some movies.

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