Yesterday, I told you that my ability to sleep was legendary. Today!  I was schooled by nature. I truly cannot remember the last time I slept for more than six to eight hours in a day, except during the weekends. Today! I woke up before 4.00 am and could not sleep because I had too many hours of sleep yesterday. My legs hurt from many hours of inactivity- from my bed to my chair to my bed- what kind of life is this? Then I figured out a solution, work out time.


First of all, I chatted on whatsapp and facebook with friends and my extended family. Then I exercised for 30 minutes and got ready to begin my day. There I was, listening to CNN and I heard that USA now has the highest number of Corona virus cases in the world. Imagine that! I called my friends and we discussed this development. I rearranged my house so that I can have an office in my home.


I spent a lot of hours working, engaging in video calls on whatsapp, watching online videos e.t.c Then it occurred to me, today is Friday and this is the first time that none of my contacts posted ‘TGIF’ on their status ………. the power of Covid-19.


I want to tell all of you a secret, today I spoke to people I have not spoken to in so long a time that I forgot they were on my contact list, and this conversation took place via video call. Imagine that! Covid-19 …….. curing friendships from afar . At this juncture, I would like to say  a big thank you to the inventors of  the Telephone, Social media platforms and Video calls, in this period of isolation, they have been saving lives.


My data consumption within the last few days has been astronomical, I have been thinking of the huge profits that telecommunication companies would post at the end of this quarter. Alcohol production companies might suffer a fall in business for the first time in Nigeria, think about it. Nigerians tend to drink in the bars when they are happy, sad, broke, rich, complaining about our government, complaining about insecurity e.t.c but will they drink while discussing issues with their friends via social media? What do you think?


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