My reaction to the pandemic was similar to that of many others, I stock piled foodstuff like I was prepared for dooms day. Are you wondering why the pharmacies are out of stock? Yep! you guessed right! I got there first. I really don’t think anybody should blame me for this problem….. I live in Benin City. Most people who live in this state would tell you that we share borders with the United Kingdom and Italy (don’t ask me the semantics of how a state can share bothers with a country). I would not be statistically incorrect to say that at least one Bini person must come back from the United Kingdom or Italy every week. Therefore my fears would not be unfounded to say that if there is Covid-19 in the United Kingdom and Italy, then we are merely playing the waiting game here. Hence I stockpiled my house with necessary provisions.


I thought I was ready for any necessary self isolation. Foodstuff – check, Pharmaceutical drugs- Check ( and yes I bought Vitamin C and Chloroquine, even though I have no idea of the right dosage to take), Movies and Novels- check, and so my isolation began.


I woke up in the morning by 5.OO am because even though my body was in isolation my mind was on its work schedule. I rolled on my bed in preparation to stand up and as my mind woke up, the thought flashed like a light bulb of brilliant ideas in my mind- “ I am in self isolation”. I immediately effected a replay on my direction of rolling, ending up at the middle of my bed where I first began and continued my dream from the exact point that I left it ( my ability to sleep is legendary, so don’t blame me).


I woke up by 10 am and had my bath, then I put on my pajamas because working from home does not require official clothing ( lets all give a standing ovation to my makeup free face, sleep tousled hair and socks clad feet). I worked on my bed while alternating between discussions on Channels News Station, CNN, and the social media. You can imagine how smart I felt when I saw the report on the rise in the number of infected persons and heard the advise to stay at home and in my mind I said “ Girl! You are so smart”. Somehow I finished most of my outstanding jobs by 1.00 pm, and I began to wonder what I to do to entertain myself, so I decided to watch a movie. Don’t get me wrong, I can spend a month on vacation and be happy but the difference is that PEOPLE ON VACATION CAN GO OUT.


I realized I was missing conversations, so I decided to call my friends abroad and we talked until it was 5.00 pm. After the conversation I immediately began my after work schedule and that’s how I survived the first day of quarantine. Note: To self isolate might not be as bad as people think it is. I’m prepared and I will live and enjoy every moment of this isolation period to the fullest. What about you?

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