Clearly, the professional politician has lost touch with the harsh reality of the life of an average Nigerian. Having been in politics for too long a time, and being exposed to years of wealth that we could only imagine, our politicians are under the mistaking impression that life is fair to the governed. Sen. Ali has made too much money from our commonwealth that his vision is now blurred enough to assume the average Nigerian is living a comfortable life. In a country full of strife and sorrow, Sen. Ali can only imagine opulence and happiness. While we can barely afford to eat that we may live, Sen. Ali lives simply to eat. Whatever the average Nigerian struggle to achieve, Sen. Ali and his likes squabble to lavish. This is undoubtedly because Nigeria pays Sen. Ali and his friends, accommodation and furniture allowances of over Nine Million Naira each, excluding monthly salaries, traveling estacodes, monies designated for community projects and perhaps, bribes. While a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria makes over Ten Million Naira monthly, the average working class Nigeria earns between a Million and a Million and Half in an entire year. Little wonder Ali wants to tax us even to make telephone calls. Sen. Ali Ndume came into the political sphere in 2003 and has spent a whopping 16 years in the political scene. This means for sixteen years the Federal Government has been responsible for footing his bills so one may be tempted to forgive our senator if he forgets to remember that fuel is being sold for N145.

Communication is the bedrock of business and it is what has made the world a global business. Even companies like Jumia and Ali Baba have tapped into this idea by selling things in various shops across the Nigerian Border. So how can commerce in Nigeria grow smoothly and Nigerian small scale businesses develop if extra tax is placed on communication? The proposed tax does not tax the communication industries who make millions of Naira in profit, but you and I who are struggling to survive in our own Country. A little food for thought, If you cripple the production sector of the economy with multitudes of taxes that ruin the industry and discourages commerce, how can we grow?



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