Why my Voting Selfishly is Good for the Economy

People are in the habit of concentrating on the past affiliations or connections of candidates without regards to their character, attitude or capacity. They forget to ask the most important question that every economy strives on....

Tax The Phone Calls, Tax The Callers! – Sen. Ali Ndume

“you want to talk and pay for it of course, but right now, none of you will say that this is how much you are paying for your telephone. The only thing is that if they say one minute remaining, you start looking for another recharge card to put, you want to talk. So if you are taxed on that you will not say you will not talk again”.

The Nigerian Bar Association in Edo State Declares its Intention to Pursue Legal Actions Against BEDC

The Bar wishes to use the occasion of this address to join the thousands of electricity consumers across the four (4) States of Edo, Ondo, Delta and Ekiti who have remained under the stronghold and oppressive tendencies of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) to call on the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to resist the urge and pressure

Young Lawyers Forum Benin Branch Felicitates with Mr Osarodion Ogie Esq

On behalf of the Young Lawyers Forum, Benin Branch, we wish to felicitate with the Secretary to the Edo State Government, Mr. Osarodion Ogie, Esq on the occasion of his birthday. The Forum remains grateful to God for adding another year to your already distinguished and impactful life.

NBA-YLF, Benin Branch, Congratulates Godwin Omoaka, SAN and Aikhunegbe Anthony Malik, SAN on their Conferment of the Rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria

No doubt, the fulcrum of this auspicious and meritorious elevations hinge on how the Silks have espoused and imbibed the finest and noblest traditions of the Bar whilst also projecting themselves as great fountains of inspiration whereof young wigs may draw the zeal and forthrightness to brace and weather the trenches and terrains of the noblest profession ever known to man.

NBA Benin 2019 Law Week enters day 3 with a goodwill message from APC National Chairman- Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole MNI

The Benin Bar is an Institutional Partner of Government that can not be over looked.I am proud to be associated with the NBA Benin Branch on this auspicious occasion of her 2019 Law Week Celebrations “

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole MNI,OFR

Nigeria–Our Problems Series 1. The Judiciary

Who compensates the Nigerian people for the days, weeks or months when a candidate that was not validly elected rules them?

Compulsory Blood Transfusion in Nigeria

Do you know that the child’s parents, instead of rejoicing at the recovery of their baby sued the doctor for 10 million naira damages for the grave offence of doing everything medically possible to save their child’s life?

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The Failure of Nigerian Leaders Led to Impending Fuel Scarcity

Fuel scarcity threat resurfaces in Nigeria's struggling economy. Will fuel price increase again? Find out how the Nigerian leaders have failed the people.

How Nigerian Policemen *Deliberately* Kill Innocent Civilians

Imagine the trauma the families face coupled with the ‘good name’ of the victim which is dragged through the mud to protect the so-called police officer’s job. The common man’s faith is dire.

The Case between APC, PDP and the Supreme Court in the Supreme Court

These desperate APC figures and their agents have been mounting pressure on the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Muhammed to reverse it's decision.’They claim that they had information of ..."

A Party Divided in the Race for the Position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

14 All Progressives Party members have declared their intention to via for the position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. With just 220 APC seats, what are the parties options?

How Nigeria Rewards Murderers?

Have you ever wondered why no Herdsman has been arrested.  The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) attributed nearly 1700 deaths in 2018 to Fulani headsmen. Stating that this is six times the death toll attributed to Boko Haram in 2018.

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Why Spousal Murder is Trending in Nigeria?

There is a growing trend of spousal killing in the country. A 26 year old man slaughtered his 17 year old wife in Kano State on April 2nd, 2019. The command’s Public Relations Officer, DSP Abdullahi Haruna, reported that there was an argument between the couple and the man, while held in the grips of anger, killed his wife with a knife. I know some of you are thinking “They are young, the man has not attained the emotional maturity needed for marriage”. Well, let me debunk that theory.

Anambra Legislates on Burials.

What right does the government have to tell you when or for how long you can bury your dead? The government does not give an individual the financial means to bury its dead yet it fills justified in making laws on burial rights. Consider the problem of insecurity and economic instability. By passing this bill, they take away business from the funeral homes, the entertainers, event planners, etc. This discourages commerce.


NADDC'S Plot to Save 8 Billion Naira

NADDC signs an agreement with Volkswagen manufacturing company. Plans to stop importation of cars.

The Road Owners and the Tenants

Lagos State government fights the problem of hawkers, beggars and commercial motorcycle riders on Nigerian roads.


How Nigerian is the Nigerian Constitution?

Testing the authenticity of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria. The preamble and its flaws.

Double Standard Election Result, Battle Ground Setting

Senator Dino Melaye raises alarm on the trend of inconclusive polls at the House of Representatives while Karimi accuses INEC of double standards at the 2019 elections.

Violence in our Schools

Yetunde Idowu of the Lagos State High Court in Ikeja ordered the proprietors of Cendom International Nursery and Primary School, Olodi-Apapa, Uche Owen, to pay 25 million naira as damages