How Nigerian Policemen *Deliberately* Kill Innocent Civilians.

No Gun Handling Ethics.

Its not unusual in Nigeria today to wonder what policemen are taught in the police academy. Today we see a lot of accidental discharge by police officers killing innocent citizens. Without proof, these policemen go a step further by claiming that these killings are justified. You hear accusations like ‘The person is a thief and was running away’ or ‘He was attempting to escape from prison when we shot him. Most of the time, these killings are accidental discharge from the officer’s gun. Our lives are at risk, and the culprits are the same people who should protect us. Imagine the trauma the families face coupled with the ‘good name’ of the victim which is dragged through the mud to protect the so-called police officer’s job. The common man’s faith is dire.

The Video

Let’s analyse the attached video. You will notice the police officer with the gun attempting to shoot the civilian behind the other police man who is trying to take away his gun. You will also notice the civilian attempting to use one of the policemen as a human shield in an attempt to save his life. You will notice the other policemen who give little or no assistance and ‘walk away’ when a civilian’s life remained at risk. The video is self-explanatory so form your own opinion on what claims the policemen would make if the civilian is shot and this video did not exist.

The Pictures.

Who noticed that the policemen fighting along an express road had their guns with them? The perfect recipe for an accidental discharge. All road users were at risk that day, and this is one of similar daily occurrences in Nigeria.

The Solution.

Who are the policemen? How are they recruited and how much are they paid? When a high-risk job is attached to low remuneration, the result is the current breed of policemen we have today. When 50 naira bribe is normal and begging is the order of the day, the line between policemen and street thugs blur. The heads of the Police Force need to go back to the drawing board and review their foundation and ethics. They must sanitise their institution before they can expect praise and respect from Nigerians.

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