From Fame to Shame then Comes Wealth

A journey that began in fame, regressed to shame but ended in riches; we present to you ‘Dollar Series’ by Pepper Winters.

Dollar is a five book story written by Pepper Winters. It’s supposed to be a romance novel but it is so much more than that.The plot of this story is awesome. Pepper Winters looks into the mind of the character and examines their feelings. If you think your love life is hard then try Dollar. Tasmin, slave named Pimlico, is the daughter of a renounced psychologist. She grew up without a childhood. After her father’s death, she was forced to behave like an adult by her mother. She is an eighteen year old psychology students who behaves like a thirty year old adult and has been cast out by her friends for the grave offence of ‘over-maturity.’This book is named after the price worth of Pimlico.

Book 1, Pennies by Pepper Winters

This is the story of the death of Tasmin and the birth of Pimlico. Tasmin is in a party for psychologists with her mother. She is kidnapped by her dance partner and sold at the Quarterly Slave Market (Q.S.M) She is raped and tortured by her owner.She is also treated worse than an insect (She is not allowed to touch the furniture and must constantly live on her knee.) She meets Elder Prest when he trades with her owner. At first, her owner tries to hide her status as a slave from him but later offers to share her with Elder.That night, Elder spends the night with Pimlico, and he allows her sleep like she was human for the first time in two years, stretched out on a bed. He gives her a penny as a gift hence the name of the book ‘ Pennies.’ Elder is equally feared and respected in the underworld but he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder and is fixated on Pimlico. Meanwhile, her owner is angry because Pimlico allowed herself to spend time with Elder(He speaks as if she had a choice.) In a fit of anger, H cuts off her tongue but Elder saves her from him.

Book 2, Dollars by Pepper Winters

Pimlico lives on Elder’s boat and is on her journey to recovery. She learns to embrace life. As her suicidal tendencies subsides, she begins to rediscover herself again. This is where the romance novel begins and the mystery of Elder Prest unfolds. Dollars give way to Hundreds (book 3) then Thousands(book 4) and finally Millions(book 5).

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