About That Boss

If you have ever been an employee, then you will easily understand the situations described here. If you are an employer, then you are ‘that boss.’If you are both of these things, well you might just realise that you are like those you criticise.Let’s talk about that boss.

Do you remember that boss? The employer who ensures that you ‘do as he says and not as he does.’The one who walks in an organisation with you where the resumption policy time is 8.00 am. He is also an employee but is in a position to supervise your work. He comes to work 30 to 40 minutes late on a good day and always has a silly excuse for his lateness (if he bothers to give you the gift of an excuse). ‘That boss’ that if he comes early on any day of the week and you are one minute late, he gives you a query. Well!! Do not be angry, just be a good employee and remember that ‘that boss’ has a boss and karma never forgets.

Do you remember that boss? Who gives you so much work to do, both above and below your pay grade and tells you he is doing it to help you. He keeps you at work above the time duration he pays for and tells you it’s to make you strong. He never promotes or pays overtime, in fact he always has a new task for you some minutes to the official closing hours. Truthfully everyone, although the situation is sad, it is never going to change (who wants free extra labour to end). You have two options, either quit your job(either immediately or after you have gained the working experience you need) or accept your faith and learn to enjoy your job. Most importantly, Please!!Stop complaining, life is too short.

Do you remember that boss? The one who runs his company like it is a family business and his employees are his family. The one you sometimes try to take advantage of; don’t deny it. The one who buys his staff Christmas presents and remembers their birthdays. The one who knows all your children by their name and asks after them constantly. The one who always gives you extra money because he has enough to spare (free money, does it exist?).That’s a good employer. If you have that kind of employer then make a note today, to do something extra for him. You can buy him a gift or write him an appreciation message. Tell him you love working for him because sincerely, you just found gold in a barren land.

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