Aunty!!! Why are you living a fake Life?

To whom it may consign,

How can you wake up in the morning, put on your make up, work to that beautiful house or hotel on your street, take a picture with the house as the background and post it on your social media page with the caption 'just chilling at home'? Is that your house?

How can you leave your house and feel happy with yourself and the knowledge that every piece of clothing on your body belongs to someone else? Your earring, dress, shoe, wig and makeup are all loans. You are behaving like ‘a big girl on campus.’Really!!!

"I'm a slay queen"

Do you remember your IPhones? Yes that IPhone in your hand that you beg and lied in order to accumulate the money to purchase it. The one you take your fake pictures on and chat with your fake friends about events that never took place. Yet you cannot search for useful information, write an assignment or apply for a job with it. I hope it gives you pleasure.

By the way, why do you derive so much pleasure in taking a picture in boyfriend's car? Do you think because he is dating you that his car is yours? You take pictures and make lots of videos. Your relationship is more a reality on Instagram and your Facebook status than it is in the real world. Dear girl, Grow up!!!


Reality Check

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